Saturday, March 15, 2014

A practice. The fine print of our consciousness

Do we dare to stop (in the name of Love) to look at the fine print written in our consciousness that leads our days of us not fully realized? We’d like to have the courage to leap from fear to Love. We want to experience more completeness. How do you re- and de-construct your inner life for the outer life to become more luscious? How do we take a tiny step of boldness in our day? Start with paying attention to pain. Do not worry; if you don’t cheat, the pain will soon become sweet, but first bitter, then mixed with sweetness. Bittersweet indeed. Because you let your heart’s compassion, guide and dance with the energy. It’ll keep dissolving by letting it bubble to the surface, as you keep wrapping it in ferocious Love. Now, you can see the letters clear, that are written, on your Soul.

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