Sunday, April 6, 2014

Unwrap the gifts of fears

Choosing love over fear; does that mean to just leap for that big job, or jumping off in a parachute? What about diving deep into intimacy, where in-to-me-you-see, being vulnerably exposed? What about facing the vast void of aloneness, rather then running away from it and oneself? And pausing at the numbing with unseemingly innocent cravings of foods, or an escaping meditation? Everyday our fears shows up in their glory, and the beauty herein lies that even the small ones can be profound gifts of blessings. Unwrap them, despite trembling, as it's merely a sign of movement of shaking up, away and out from stuckness. Celebrate, arouse and dance in excitement, and open up lovingly, by asking wondering questions. Be patient, be still, be patient over and over, and you will arrive, at the root. There, deep down you'll be replenished and nourished and it'll blossom your succulent beauty, that you truly are.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

A practice. Finding Pur-IT-Y(ou).

Finding PUR-IT-Y-ou. In the grocery store, at King Soopers of all places; a moment in time, a practice being felt preciously. I felt a gloomy void, from a worry. A feeling of a downward pressing energy, then paying attention with curiosity. Feeling into the space of it, and it quickly opened me up to pure spaciousness. A sense of freedom from the less then cute monkey mind. The very next moment, a huge space of love opened up... Ahhh... In the midst of an ordinary store, with it's bundles of unconscious energy. By keeping practicing curiosity, one will create space, where one find peace, and a simple but complete space to be. Being in pur-IT-Y(ou).

A practice. The fine print of our consciousness

Do we dare to stop (in the name of Love) to look at the fine print written in our consciousness that leads our days of us not fully realized? We’d like to have the courage to leap from fear to Love. We want to experience more completeness. How do you re- and de-construct your inner life for the outer life to become more luscious? How do we take a tiny step of boldness in our day? Start with paying attention to pain. Do not worry; if you don’t cheat, the pain will soon become sweet, but first bitter, then mixed with sweetness. Bittersweet indeed. Because you let your heart’s compassion, guide and dance with the energy. It’ll keep dissolving by letting it bubble to the surface, as you keep wrapping it in ferocious Love. Now, you can see the letters clear, that are written, on your Soul.