Saturday, October 10, 2009

Entering the new era towards 2012

After attending Nassim Haramein's lecture, a Unified Field Theory scientist, here in Boulder yesterday, and with a chat with him for an evening meal in Boulder, I had a major realization today. Something I "know" and have been reminded of in the past, and now received it yet at another level. As I was feeling that human hurt and disappointment, feeling the pain. I reminded myself that I can always learn from it. I feel that I need some deeper shifts in my being. So I went into the pain. What is it that you can teach me? I then saw an image in my mind of something like cosmic light subtle explosion. And the heavy hurt feeling has almost disappeared. I am feeling resonance of the subtle explosion, and I will keep going into the feeling. I know that everything I am experiencing can prepare me for what we will face this year and the next couple of years. Years of uncertainties. Overcoming expectations and fear. As I am sitting here contemplating of the situation of a relationship, that might bring this pain up again and again... it is still not bringing me an immediate elevation of Joy! Ha ha. This is a deep pattern in me. Will have to dig for those precious light crystals that are deeply buried in the ground. It will require some sweat. That is ok. As long as I feel a progress, then I know I am digging in the right direction. And I have to keep allowing and falling, learning to fall like an Aikido Master, or sometimes just falling into: surrendering. Things always fall apart and always change. Yet most of us are afraid of it. Now, finally I am feeling a deep sense of Love and Peace inside... Life is profound. I am able to feel the mysteries of it. Thank you...

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