Sunday, April 6, 2014

Unwrap the gifts of fears

Choosing love over fear; does that mean to just leap for that big job, or jumping off in a parachute? What about diving deep into intimacy, where in-to-me-you-see, being vulnerably exposed? What about facing the vast void of aloneness, rather then running away from it and oneself? And pausing at the numbing with unseemingly innocent cravings of foods, or an escaping meditation? Everyday our fears shows up in their glory, and the beauty herein lies that even the small ones can be profound gifts of blessings. Unwrap them, despite trembling, as it's merely a sign of movement of shaking up, away and out from stuckness. Celebrate, arouse and dance in excitement, and open up lovingly, by asking wondering questions. Be patient, be still, be patient over and over, and you will arrive, at the root. There, deep down you'll be replenished and nourished and it'll blossom your succulent beauty, that you truly are.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

A practice. Finding Pur-IT-Y(ou).

Finding PUR-IT-Y-ou. In the grocery store, at King Soopers of all places; a moment in time, a practice being felt preciously. I felt a gloomy void, from a worry. A feeling of a downward pressing energy, then paying attention with curiosity. Feeling into the space of it, and it quickly opened me up to pure spaciousness. A sense of freedom from the less then cute monkey mind. The very next moment, a huge space of love opened up... Ahhh... In the midst of an ordinary store, with it's bundles of unconscious energy. By keeping practicing curiosity, one will create space, where one find peace, and a simple but complete space to be. Being in pur-IT-Y(ou).

A practice. The fine print of our consciousness

Do we dare to stop (in the name of Love) to look at the fine print written in our consciousness that leads our days of us not fully realized? We’d like to have the courage to leap from fear to Love. We want to experience more completeness. How do you re- and de-construct your inner life for the outer life to become more luscious? How do we take a tiny step of boldness in our day? Start with paying attention to pain. Do not worry; if you don’t cheat, the pain will soon become sweet, but first bitter, then mixed with sweetness. Bittersweet indeed. Because you let your heart’s compassion, guide and dance with the energy. It’ll keep dissolving by letting it bubble to the surface, as you keep wrapping it in ferocious Love. Now, you can see the letters clear, that are written, on your Soul.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Many causes of death in James Arthur Ray's "sweat lodge"

People are flailing in seizures; others are vomiting violently, or foaming at the mouth. Bodies are lined up unconscious, some are blue from lack of oxygen, but for some it is too late, they are already dead. Survivors that are barely able to stand struggle to help the others, they have had almost no food or water for nearly three days, even longer without sleep. It looks like a war zone, but for the incongruent figure of James Arthur Ray (a contributing author to The Secret) who exits the sweat lodge and stands tall with a big smile, the only one able to stand on his own volition. He is not concerned with the medical emergency going on full swing around him. He is not worried about the health and well-being of his followers who have paid $10,000.00... Reading from Cassandra Yorgey writing at Examiner.
This is an insider story of what happened at the James Arthur Ray's sweat lodge. This is the best, and so far only insider story I have read. There's another internet radio program that is excellent as well by Shawna Bowen through her web site teenandparentsupport.
As I read the story and listening to the radio program, it shook me to my core. Because this story is hitting me at several levels inside of me. I am questioning, would I be one of the people who got very ill.... or even died...!? You might think I am another lunatic saying this! As I've read some of the comments on the internet, saying those people were stupid anyways... If you read the story, you might be shocked to realize that you might have been one of those. Especially if you have done vision quests, mild sweat, Landmark or other types of mind changing events. As they might have changed your life in some profound ways, you want to keep pushing limits...!
And it wasn't only me who came to that conclusion. Lo and behold, as I am right now listening to a motivational speaker at that radio station (unfortunately I don't know her name) who is also a therapist, and "followed" James Ray's teaching, she asked herself that same question, as her husband said to her that this would NEVER have happened to her, that she would indeed have taken care of herself....
I know this is a big wake up call of how "we New Ager's" can mix things and not take old traditions seriously and humbly. As well as all of us healers and teacher's, what a huge responsibility we have.
For example, the classical breathing myth. In the American society (not so much in Europe yet), we think it is all about breathing long and deeep. Which James Arthur Ray encouraged a lot as well. And pretty much every therapist or yoga therapist tells us that. And yet, not realizing if we are forcing our breath, or they might say "consciously breathe", then we will very often loose our natural reflex, and even permanently. Yes it is true that when we are afraid and emotion comes up, we can hold our breath. Then it will be best to remind them to relax their their diaphragm. If not, it is easy to over-breathe, which causes hyperventilation. The Dolphins are the only being who breath consciusly, and can do so. We shouldn't be so proud to beleive we are as advanced as them! Ha ha. And I've seen James Ray also teach about Holotropic Breath. Which is an extreme form of hyperventilation. I am thinking it might not be the best therapy for the modern man.... I think we have the tendency to play too much with "high states" in an unsafe matter. I also wouldn't be surprised that James Ray encouraged to breath deep and long in that sweat that day, which would made the situation worse. There were people with kidney failure and other respiratory problems.
Go to my web site for more information about correct health building breathing.

I have been close to many teacher's similar to James Arthur Ray (one of them was Elizabeth Claire Prophet of Church Universal and Triumphant), where their intentions might even be pure! They sincerely want to help. But that doesn't mean they have dealt with their ego, and it takes over in many forms. Like carelessly "thinking" or "sensing" certain teaching or practices is the best for their students. I have seen this over and over. I also have seen how they haven't dealt with their own issues and shadows. They are doing the classical spiritual bypassing. (See my previous blog on that subject). Many of those leaders have a great charisma, say beautiful words, moves us and inspire people, but that doesn't mean they know the best for you.
Some of you might remember the spiritual leader Elizabeth, who became famous in the 90'ies with her bomb shelters in Montana and all the firearms they got caught with. At least I got "saved" by remembering her saying on couple of occasions that we had to have a personal relationship directly with God. That we ourselves would know and get the answers. Even though she gave us double messages that she has the highest answers, especially through her dictations (similar to channeling) from Jesus, Buddha etc.. The charismatic leaders are very clever. They pump you up by telling you to listen to yourself, and make you feel powerful etc., and then they sneak in the message that we need to listen to them. Or the religious leaders will tell you they have Holy Spirit talking through them. I am also thinking of some technique a certain wealth guru is using, which is very much a formula of brain washing. Though I do love much of his teaching, and I agree that in order for me to change my patterns, that those techniques has helped! And yet, this new realization has me now wanting to slow down my own learning process. There are so many ways to learn. For example, Gay and Kate Hendricks teach people how to learn to listen deeply to your own intuition, through body sensations. I have found that an extremely efficient and reliable technique. Because we all have our own paths. Only we really know what is best for us. When we really start to listen inside (not our analytical chatter mind that can go in circles), we do eventually get the answers. And many true humble teachers, like Nassim Haramein talks about the importance of being quiet, and listen within. Not to not mention our older precious teachers like Jesus and Buddha.

I just talked to my Native American friend Nick, a Lakota here in Boulder CO, who also pours water on the stones in their sweats (sweat lodge). He told me that if the good spirits from the Creator doesn't come in to the sweat, then it will often be "too hot" feeling in there or inside you. When the right Spirits come in, you can feel the whole atmosphere change. It tempers everything. It becomes milder. Though he also said that some sweats are just simply made too hot. That that wasn't so much the old tradition that he knew about. He also goes on saying that if you feel in your being, that what the leader says is not completely true, then you simply don't take it in. A good leader will often sense who needs to leave the sweat. They should be able to feel someone's pain. The leaders are trained for many years. And many of them grew up with it. They have a deep understanding and intuition of the people in the space. And a sweat is not to be taken lightly, none of the traditional ceremonies. It is not some quick fix that will change you overnight. Also remember that sweats hasn't posed a real danger in the past. As it was done correctly. I think there has only been 7 deaths (and at least 2 of those were not done correctly, and not by Natives). So that is maybe something like 0.000001 percent(?) danger, I believe. It is more danger to just walk outside or certainly drive a car is the highest death rate.

Most of us listen to our leaders, not with enough skepticism. Take politicians, parties and not to mention what is conveyed through the media! We have gotten brain washed by not questioning how the new flu vaccine is made for example! Now, that will be another blog! Humans tend to be sheep. Even though I consider myself as a free thinker, as well as very strong, also the rebel in school (questioning the statuesque), yet I started follow a spiritual leader. If you think long and hard enough... I am pretty sure you find someone in your life who you have continued listened to, and let you treat you in a way that hasn't served you the highest good. And how often do you question what comes out in the media for example? And then there is also the question about questioning our own thoughts and mind! That's when it is helpful to start listening to our body sensations. Where are there constrictions? Where are there openings and the good flow? Something doesn't feel 100% right...!?

Here are some interesting quotes by James Ray: "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Balance is bogus." Is it really that simple James Ray? Though I do hope that he will take full responsibility. It seemed from James Ray's blog, and at least from one of his staff member on a conference call, that they were blaming the participants and said things like "they chose the transition" (death)... "Life is never that simple! And where is your accountability? This was extreme. They were sleep deprived. Dehydrated. And psyched up and encouraged to continue to push their limits in many ways, while they were delirious from their physical conditions. This reminds me about another ceremony they do in the South America's. But they have people who care for them like babies.... And it isn't even under those severe extreme conditions...

I will blog more later about this subject. But this is enough to digest for now I believe.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Entering the new era towards 2012

After attending Nassim Haramein's lecture, a Unified Field Theory scientist, here in Boulder yesterday, and with a chat with him for an evening meal in Boulder, I had a major realization today. Something I "know" and have been reminded of in the past, and now received it yet at another level. As I was feeling that human hurt and disappointment, feeling the pain. I reminded myself that I can always learn from it. I feel that I need some deeper shifts in my being. So I went into the pain. What is it that you can teach me? I then saw an image in my mind of something like cosmic light subtle explosion. And the heavy hurt feeling has almost disappeared. I am feeling resonance of the subtle explosion, and I will keep going into the feeling. I know that everything I am experiencing can prepare me for what we will face this year and the next couple of years. Years of uncertainties. Overcoming expectations and fear. As I am sitting here contemplating of the situation of a relationship, that might bring this pain up again and again... it is still not bringing me an immediate elevation of Joy! Ha ha. This is a deep pattern in me. Will have to dig for those precious light crystals that are deeply buried in the ground. It will require some sweat. That is ok. As long as I feel a progress, then I know I am digging in the right direction. And I have to keep allowing and falling, learning to fall like an Aikido Master, or sometimes just falling into: surrendering. Things always fall apart and always change. Yet most of us are afraid of it. Now, finally I am feeling a deep sense of Love and Peace inside... Life is profound. I am able to feel the mysteries of it. Thank you...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Spiritual Bypassing

Spiritual bypassing: If we seek only to be elevated by something "up there", and not elevated by something down here. Choose the Here.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Unique Approach To Physical Intimacy

Getting To What's Missing: A Unique Approach To Physical Intimacy mini workshop. At the Sacred Sexuality, Daka/Dakini conference, in the beautiful Catskill mountains.

Daka Rose and I are very much looking forward to presenting this to other teachers, healers and coaches in the area of intimacy, Tantra and Sacred Sexuality.
There might still be something missing, even with a "Tantric" partner. So we have developed a unique set of practices to enhance a deeper and more profound connection.
For example; we want to be just soft and sensual, when the receiver needs a deep touch. To unblock and unlock energy, so that they can receive that light energetic and subtle loving and sensual touch. For some, it might even feel safer. Or a way to open up other doors. Sometimes a light sensual touch might feel too much, too fast for some, while others will feel the opposite. Even though intention and energy behind the touch is also very important, the physical way and level we touch someone is another level of importance.